Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Los Retratos

For those of you who don't "habla espanol," los retratos is Spanish for (pause) the retratos!

and for those who haven't seen the el nino Chris Farley skit, disregard that whole sentence. Retrato means portrait.

I went to the Mason City Civil War Re-Enactment this weekend and had to produce a 3-5 minutes afterwards. I couldn't work overtime and my video camera had 20 minutes of juice because earlier in the week someone borrowed my charger without mentioning it. So that was fun. To make up for the lack of B-roll I could shoot I decided to shoot lots of portraits and details of the soldiers and then photoshop them to look like they were shot 150 years ago. So here are the best portraits from Saturday. You can see the video here:

It has some techincal difficulties and goes on a bit too long, but it's not bad.

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Clay Lomneth said...

I love the layering on the first one, which is hands down my favorite. Your video is full of great photographs, I like how you shot for black and white but had the video in color. Good details in the video, it seems like there were a lot more people in your Civil War enactment than there were in one I covered. But I digress. To get to the point, I vote for you this week.