Sunday, August 17, 2008

Three Young Ladies

This is a photo of Courtney Ned as she performed her dance routine for the Miss Black OSU 2008. She was crowned not long after this performance.

This photo was taken at a Hispanic dance performance. The young lady was wating her turn to dance I just happend to catch her relaxing between the colums. I considered croping closer to her face but felt it was a more complete shot showing her entire costume.

The final young lady is my two year old neice playing with bubbles at the local fair where she got her face painted.


Teresa Prince said...

The middle frame is well shot. I like the top picture too but it doesn't read beauty queen to me. I would love to see something of her backstage like duct-taping a ball gown into place, applying vaseline to her teeth in the mirror, crying with a huge bouquet of roses and a sparkly tiara, or consumed in a cloud of hairspray. something behind the scenes is always cool.

Clay Lomneth said...

The top one is my favorite. Good capture, a nice quiet moment. The second one, I wish you had been closer, because a kid peeking out from behind a repeating element like pillars is a damn good shot in my eyes. You almost pulled it off. And the last one is closer, but doesn't match the quality of the first two you had. Maybe that's just me.