Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clay Lomneth

My name is Clay Lomneth, I am a fourth-year journalism student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I have shot for the Reno Gazette-Journal (let's hear it for the Reno-ites), the Daily Nebraskan, the Lincoln Journal Star, various UNL journalism things and a student-run picture agency called Front Page Images.

Right now, I am on a two-month trip across Nebraska, documenting how Nebraskans live during the recession. (see: This image was shot at a pig farm I photographed for a while.

Being on this trip reminds me what my true love is: Documentary Photojournalism. Not daily newspaper work, though that's great too. It's the spending time with people and hearing stories and showing people images they need to see. That's what I love.


Erik Lockhart said...

Clay, at first look, I dismissed your photo, and then I viewed it at the full uploaded resolution. I then noticed the silos in the background, and the hound in full pig farm fury. The photo is an excellent representation of a small town from which I call home, well at least "hometown".

Liz said...

You totally hit the nail on the head about documentary photojournalism. I fully agree with you - that was always the thing that I was most passionate about when I was working for the O'Colly. The people and their stories really make the photo. I'm so glad that you've found your niche, and my heart aches a little wishing I could be back in that place again myself.