Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kevin Clifford

I am a 24-year-old photographer who lives in Reno, Nev. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in the Spring of 2008 and I have yet to find a full-time job. I was hoping to fine a newspaper job as a photojournalist (what I went to school for), but recently have decided to stop looking in that field momentarily since it's going such a big transition and many papers are closing and have hiring freezes.

This summer I am working on my photography and my business. I am always trying to find cool and exciting ways to show my vision. I'm also trying to get at least a part-time job to help pay some bills and maybe get some new equipment :D. I also plan to do a few location photo shoots with some friends. I've just finished the Reno Rodeo, which kicked off my summer with a bang.

Hi to everyone! Sorry for the late post, but since I'm getting my other submission done now, I figured I would post this too.


Clay Lomneth said...

Hey Kevin, good to hear from you. How's life? How was the rodeo? I want to see some images from this year, let me know where I can see some.

I dig this image, really different. I have no idea where you are, but for me that's not a problem. I have always liked images that ask more questions than they answer, which is what intrigues me about this one.

Kevin said...

Hey Clay,
Not much is going on that's too exciting except for shooting photos and hanging out with friends. I live in Reno. It's good to see your work. The rodeo was awesome as usual and I'll post my shots by the end of the month.