Monday, June 29, 2009

Foot frames per seconds

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kyle Bruggeman, I'm a Journalism student at the Univ. Neb. - Lincoln. First of all, Clay, thank you for the invite. I will try and keep up with the amazing talent I've seen so far from everyone, but don't expect much. The above photo is from a shooting range in Arapahoe Nebraska. I am currently on a photo documentary project and traveling from town to town. I prefer to shoot with 24-70mm Canon, but anything that captures light is cool with me.



Clay Lomneth said...

GIANT FOOT! I wish there was a moment with the person with the gun. I wasn't crazy about this image at first, but I'm really warming up to it.

Patrick Breen said...

wish there was better light.

glad to see kyle posting. for those of you who don't know kyle, he is a computer genius and a phenomenal photographer.

Kyle Bruggeman said...

except for the genius and phenomenal part. But thanks for the kind words, wish you were out documenting with us buddy.