Thursday, July 3, 2008

Clay Lomneth: Patterns

Only two this week.


Breen said...

i had a double-take on the top one, because at first i just thought you took a photo of the fence. on closer inspection, i saw the bird in the dead center of one of the gaps. I like it. Simplistic, but creative.

your second one is my favorite though. Love the colors, and the motion blur interupting them.

I don't want to proclaim myself judge, but i think you win this week.

Lizzy said...

I would have to agree - I love the bird in the first shot and the way it is placed inside the hole in the fence (or whatever it is). That was the first thing I noticed about the picture. Great work, Clay.

I also love the colored fence posts of the second one and the blurred rider. As always, wonderful compositions, sir.