Saturday, July 19, 2008

Greg Blobaum Shadows

so, a bit late, and with a sub par photo, but meh, so it goes. This is me being artsy, i usually do not do that.

EDIT: and CVK, i expect an entry from you this week. If not, i will track you down.

For those of you not on the email list (but, i think everyone is, unless i am mistaken), here is the email from Mr. Lomneth, at least the part that gives us the assignment. hooray!

"This week there will be two assignments:
-The theme is "postcards from..." - show us where you live, are temorarily living, go on a roadtrip to, etc.
-Get at least one other photog involved with ISO."


Breen said...

i like this so called sub-par photo. it probably couldn't be used an a paper, but it is extremely artsy.

i don't know. it makes the viewer (me at least) feel small. Insignificant.

Almost like one is an ant.

This is actually one of my favorites this week.

Clay Lomneth said...

The blade going through the guys head bothers me, but I like the idea. It's framed very well.