Friday, July 18, 2008

Clay Lomneth: Shadows


Sorry I'm late posting, long story.

First one is Jim McMahon from a celebrity golf tournament, second is a portrait of my friend Bridget.

I'll get a judge right away. Nice work everyone.


Breen said...

initially i didn't like the top one. but at second glance it made me laugh. I love the pants and the fact she is golfing without shoes.

the bottom one is cool, and the lighting is so nice.

i thought you would have gotten one of the random shadows that walked by your car throughout your stakeout in san fran, laugh out loud

Erik Lockhart said...

I had a similar reaction to Breen's on the Jim McMahon, until I noticed the pants and the fact that he's shoeless! I also like how his form and his shadow almost make a triangle.

I'm loving the low-key on the portrait as well.

Lizzy said...

I like both of them, and I'm glad you were able to get the golf ball in the shot on the top one. I really like the bottom one a lot, except it looks like she's missing her hand in it. I know it's just hidden behind the curtain, but I may have liked it more had some fingers been showing. Of course, at this point I'm just nit-picking, 'cause overall your entry is great, as always. :) When were you in San Fran?

Teresa Prince said...

the barefeet make the top one.

cvk said...

love the shots clay. you really stepped it up this week.
*the golf one is really nice. the green makes the pants pop so much. the fact that you got the ball and the pin in the picture only add to it. no shoes, +1.
*the widnow shadow shot is HOT. low key is a nice change from all of the high key portraits that are being shot nowadays. you found a hottie and a perfect situation. great shots!