Sunday, July 13, 2008

Guest Judge: Liz Margerum

I told her to be as honest as possible, and she pulled through. Long story short, nobody won. If you have a complaint, remember this whole thing is about feedback, and that's what we got. Here's her comments, sent via e-mail to me.

"While there were some really nice images I didn't see one that screamed America. The dog, the park and the fisherman could be anywhere. The cowboy was nice, but there was too much distortion on his head, he looked a little alien. (Watch out for those wide angles! Don't over use them)
The icecream truck didn't quite work. I wanted to see more of the truck and more of the kids. The little girl in the Liberty outfit, almost worked, but she was almost in the middle of the picture and it looked very posed, but not in great way. I liked the old people, but wish the fireworks were better in the background and I also wish they had a flag or something that said America. The park shot looks like a drive-by shoot, go over and work it more. It really had everything, dogs, kids, fire and cars-- all part of the American Dream, but shooting from across the street is little better than paparazzi! Go work it!
The photo of the man with the stars on his head, had too much of the back of one head, and I couldn't tell if they were hugging, or doing something else.
Overall I didn't see one clear winner.


Thank you Liz for being a guinea pig judge and for the feedback.

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