Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Erik Lockhart: Motion

I am currently in the middle of a vacation to the Dominican Republic. These pictures were taken in Higuey and Bavaro Beach respectively. The locals here are mostly very friendly, at least all of the cities surrounding the resorts have these sorts of people. Which is not surprising because tourism provides 75-80% of Dominica's GNP. Several have beamed at the opportunity for me to take their photograph, which makes my hobby much more enjoyable.


Breen said...

I absolutely LOVE the bottom shot. Something about the colors and the blur of the ocean which looks so smooth and calming.

i almost think I would like it better with a more horizontal crop. maybe above the last kids head, and a little less shore because i think the white is distracting and doesn't go with the rest of the tone. But it is a boat, which is also pretty tight.

Amazing shots. Bottom one is my favorite of the entire week.

Erik Lockhart said...

I was very surprised that I was able to find a time when at least one of the children would stay still long enough for me to get this capture. Very happy with the results. I fought with the decision to do a tight crop on the photo. Thanks for the extra push, Breen.

My Corner of the Sky said...

The second photo is really nice, I love the mood and the feeling of the blurry monochromatic scene.

Lizzy said...

Remind me, Erik...did you use a flash on the bottom one? I'm glad you cut the boats out. I'd have to say your entry is my favorite so far this week as well.

Clay Lomneth said...

Nice shots this week. I say I am going to vote for yours too.

I wish I could see a face in the bottom one, but there's still something about it that works for me.