Saturday, July 26, 2008

Michael Bevers: Motion

The first photo was from Texas Motor speedway where I got the chance to shoot from inside the track. The photo is of Dale Earnhardt Jr. as he enters turn 1.

The second is a family friend water skiing on Fort Gibson lake.

The third is of an iron working demonstration near the OSU campus. They were pouring molten iron into a sand mold.
The final photo is from the OSU campus where a couple of cheerleaders were jumping on a trampoline that was set up on the library lawn.


Teresa Prince said...

The top two frames are nice, but nothing I haven't seen before. Try something weird next time and see if it works out. The smelting is shot too loose, the concrete running along the bottom third of the frame distracts from the cool, boiling metal. The trampoline situation looks like a cool place to be, but I'm not crazy about the background. Do you have any other shots from that situation where the foot wasn't cut off, you could see a face or the background was clean sky?

Breen said...
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Breen said...

Sorry the comment deleted was mine. i misspelled just about everything. updated version.

I like the second one the best out. Good emotion, water. I might have like it a little bit more with him on the right instead of so close to center, or maybe a cleaner background without the trees.

I think the backgrounds in one and four are really distracting. On the top, the car doesn't seem in motion, and most the people aren't even paying attention. (not your fault). In the bottom, the multiple people walking to class distracts from the emotion of her face. I agree with Teresa, maybe a different angle with a cleaner background or more a view of the emotion on her face.

Second one is definitely your best. good shooting

Clay Lomneth said...

I think the first two had potential. Maybe slow the shutter a bit, if it weren't for the slight blur on the tires, I'd think it was standing still. That's cool though, did you shoot Nascar? I'd like to hear about that.

I digress...
That's a good face on the skier, crop down a bit though.

I think I like the face on the cheerleader, I wish I could see it better.

Erik Lockhart said...

I like the photo of the molten iron. Capturing a flame in the sunlight can sometimes be difficult, but you pulled it off nicely. I just wish you could have got some of the worker in the shot, just a glove or two would have sold it for me.