Monday, July 28, 2008


July 25-26 were the official days of DiversaFest 2008 in Tulsa, OK. I was lucky enough to get credentials to photograph for the festival itself, seeing as how I am not currently employed at a newspaper and would have otherwise been unable to secure a normal press pass. I was generally happy with my results, even though it was crowded and god-awful hot during the entire festival. The top two pictures are of local bands: The Effects (1) & Callupsie (2). The third picture is of Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory, who put on one of the most amazing live shows I've ever seen (and that's saying a lot since I was at Bonnaroo this year!). Enjoy!


Clay Lomneth said...

My favorite is the top one. The complaint I have is about the background, but I'm sure you already know that. The third one is my second favorite, it's missing one thing though. I wish there was another musician framed by the legs. That would make the shot for me.

lola88 said...

I like the background of the first one. Looks like hes rocking out on a street near my house! lpl

Erik Lockhart said...

Liz, you already know I feel about these shots, but I'll reiterate. You really captured the feel of the night at the Ghostland show. I love how the colors split right down Aaron's... well, crotch.

The first shot really has the motion theme down, plus I live the way the colors of the guitar and amp match.

Good stuff.

MJB said...

I really can't decide between the first and second photo. I like the range of illumination on the drummer. The powerlines and and buildings work well as a background for the thrashing guitarist.

I could vote for either one